Emerald Isle Treasure Hunt

I have been wanting the new Nike Flyknit Lunar 2s, but I have way too many running shoes to go through before needing to buy any new ones.

Then I saw Fleet Feet Chicago’s promotion about the Emerald Isle Treasure Hunt which was a cross promotion of the Flyknit Lunar 2s and the Shamrock Shuffle. Apparently 10 pairs of shoes are going to be given away and they were going to be hidden at various spots on Northerly Island and Museum Campus along the lakefront trail. The hunt starts at 6:07 am and ends at 5:07 pm with a clue released about every hour.

Perfect! My boyfriend and I thought are best bet was in the morning to get the shoes. We woke up early at 4:30 am and headed to the lakefront trail around 5 am. We got there a little bit before first clue at 6:07 am to scope out the area near Adler and Shedd. While we were waiting, both of us noticed another car parked and two people get out around 5:45 am. They didn’t look like they were ready to go out for a run and were holding a couple of bags. We knew they were Nike or Fleet Feet workers. I saw them head north on the trail, so I decided to “follow” them. My boyfriend stayed in the car to watch the Nike people’s car and see if they come back while I chased them around. I ran around past the Shedd Aquarium and stopped at the fork where the trail splits to go north along the lakefront and didn’t see anyone. I second guessed myself and headed back south towards Soldier Field. My boyfriend told me through text that he was pretty sure they were in the museum campus area. By then it’s almost 6:07 am and I saw a few other treasure hunters out there. I ran back to Musuem Campus quickly and stopped at the fork again. I decided to go towards the Museum Campus overpass to see if anyone was there. While running there, I saw two people hanging near the overpass and the first thing I noticed was their bright shoes and I had a feeling that this was the prize. Once I reached them, they looked so surprise to see me. I asked if they where from Nike and at first they denied they were but of course, they were smiling. They told me that I found the first treasure and they just literally tweeted out the first clue. I didn’t even see the tweet and didn’t know what the clue was until I got back to my car. I just relied on my instinct and detective skills. 🙂 After I arrived, the next person arrived maybe 30 seconds or a minute. So I was very lucky and happy that I don’t have to wait and hunt for those shoes anymore. The prize was the custom Nike ID Irish shoe, a Nike bag, a shoe voucher, and neon yellow see through box that says “Run Fast Live Irish”, the slogan for this year’s Shamrock Shuffle.


The treasure #1 clue and my “pot of gold” tweets


Me with treasure #1, the voucher, and the Irish Nike shoe

I ran back to my car and met up with my boyfriend, so we can finish off our long runs – 4 miles for him, 8 miles for me. After our run, we headed to Fleet Feet Chicago – South Loop to get my prize, which was cool because I have never been to this store, only the Lincoln Square and Old Town stores. I got to keep everything except for the custom Nike ID Irish shoe. Love my new kicks!


Me and new Nike Lunar Flyknit Lunar 2’s


Pic from our long run along the Lakefront Trail

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2 Responses to Emerald Isle Treasure Hunt

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  2. How cool and congrats on winning!

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