2014 Running Season

I’m in my offseason right now and still recovering from my marathons. My left leg was still sore, but yoga 5 times  this past week and stretching has helped a lot. I went on a short 1 miler to finish a Nike challenge during my rest day yesterday and my leg felt great. Also I have a sports massage tomorrow evening, so hopefully that will help also. So far I have two more races – Girls on The Run 5K and Silicon Valley Turkey Trot 10K. GOTR 5K is a non goal race and I signed up as a running buddy for a young girl. I’m shooting for a PR for the SV Turkey Trot. Anything under an hour, which I have done before during a half marathon but never in an official 10K race.

I haven’t decided yet, but it looks like I’m not doing a marathon next year to give my body a break. I debated entering in the NYC marathon, but I’m already traveling a lot next year and NYC may be a bit too much. So I’m going to concentrate on my “A half in each state” and “Run a sub 2 half” goals.

Here’s my running schedule so far…

May 18 – Cleveland Half Marathon

May 24 – Soldier Field 10 Miler

Aug (TBD)- Run to The Beat Half Marathon (London) – Maybe. Signed up to be notified when registration starts.

Sept – Fox Valley Half Marathon (2014 sign up is not ready yet)

Oct 7 – Portland Half Marathon

Then towards the end of the October either St. Louis or Des Moines.

One of my main goals is to do races that I haven’t done before except for Soldier Field. Not sure I will do any 5Ks unless it’s for charity or want to PR. I chose Portland because my boyfriend hasn’t been there before and I have been there twice but have yet to run a half in Oregon. Same with Cleveland. I haven’t been to the state of MO or IA and running a half at either of those states will take care of it.

Looking forward to 2014 already!



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2 Responses to 2014 Running Season

  1. I will be at the GOTR 5K as well. I am not running but want to see my girls finish the race.

    If all goes well for me then I will run the Chicago Marathon next year.

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