Yes, I have not been blogging lately because of work, school, and working out.


To be honest, Chicago Marathon didn’t go as well as I hoped. I wanted to PR under 4:30 but got 4:47. I’m still proud of that time and did make PR but I felt like crap going into the race. I knew fatigue was going to play a role because I didn’t get any sleep at all the night before. I started fading around the 9 mile mark. Not good. However, in some ways, running at a “slower” pace helped my body for Nike Women SF. Going into SF, I felt great mentally in the race and was well rested. I was concerned about the impact on my body from running Chicago, but I felt fine and ran 5:03. My goal for this race was just to finish and run by how I feel. The hills were brutal, but I’m proud to say that I didn’t walk them. Just leaned forward and powered my way to the top. The downhills were the worse . My hips were definitely feeling it and I had slow myself down a little so I won’t be so banged up at the end of the race.

Preparing for these marathons was some of the most fun I ever had in my running years. I switched my training plan and it worked well for me especially adding the strength training classes such as NTC and barre. Also big thanks to NTC Lincoln Park Marathon Crew! I met some great women and all of them are inspiring. I have to say NTC Lincoln Park and Nike spoiled us for any future marathons we do.

As of right now, I’m in recovery mode and have been rolling, stretching, and doing yoga. I found a new yoga spot near me called Zen Yoga Garage and I won a free month through Fit Fab Chicago!  I found myself doing more yoga lately, so I’m happy.

I will post more details about my marathon weekends in future posts.

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2 Responses to SLACKER!

  1. So proud of you!!! You are AMAZING!!! Rest up and hopefully we can meet up soon.

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