Nike Get Fly Workout Reward

This past Friday, 312 Road Runners went to HiFi Fitness in downtown Chicago for our Nike reward for tweeting the most on our workouts and runs for the past week during their Get Fly program. We arrived at 6 pm and met our trainers, Professor Pierce and Nate who were super nice and friendly. One of our first tasks was to get to changed into our awesome new Nike workout clothes and shoes.Normally I wear shoe size 8, but Nike shoes run a tad small for me, so I usually wear 8.5. The trial shoes I wore at the kickoff event were a tad small and bugging me, so I knew I had to go to size 9. The size 9s fit perfect with me including if I wear socks. Technically you don’t have to wear socks with the Free Flyknits, but I plan to socks no matter what.

The workout itself was great. First we did some dynamic stretching to warm up our muscles and we started our main workout. Lots of sprinting involved and resistance training. What I liked about Pierce and Nate was that they also explained why we were doing certain exercises and their benefits. My favorite drill was the one where you wrap the resistance band around your waist while someone is pulling you back. We did that for one length of the room and sprinted back to where we started. I felt like I was flying. That exercise was so much fun! I need to buy one those resistance bands some where. Not only did we do speed drills, we did some strength exercises. Some of them I already do especially in my NTC and barre classes, but I’m always game for more exercises. Then after an hour and half, we did some static stretching exercises to end our workout.

But that’s not the end of it. We also got another gift from Nike – a new “going out” outfit. I got a new navy blue side zipper jacket (which I love), striped dark blue/blue tights, and black skyhigh dunks along with a new gym bag.

Also during the entire experience, we were being photographed and video taped, which is not my first time by Nike, but it’s still hard to get used to a camera in your face while working out. LOL We did ask if we can see the final pics/videos and they said they will send it to us when it’s all finished. I got to be interviewed a little bit at the end, so let’s see if I made the final cut.

Even though I had a tough speed workout the night before, I still felt great during my 16 mile run on Saturday. No sore muscles at all other than being tired.

Thanks Nike and Nike Chicago for the great reward and felt like a VIP. It pays off to work out (and tweet also)!


BR1o5QpCAAEnCUF.jpg large
Wearing our new workout clothes with our trainers, Pierce and Nate

Awesome personal training session with Professor P. Learned more ways to get faster and improve my mile time. Thanks for @nikerunning for this awesome reward! We had a fun, great experience! #getfly #freeflyknit
Doing squats in our new “Going Out” outfits
Thanks @nike and @nikerunning for my brand new kicks! My feet love the #freeflyknits and #skyhighdunks. It pays off to work out! #getfly
Brand new kicks – Free Flyknits and Skyhigh Dunks


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4 Responses to Nike Get Fly Workout Reward

  1. Maggie says:

    Sounds awesome! My team got to workout with Professor Pierce the Friday before. It was a really cool experience, and I love all the Nike swag.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Glad you had fun!

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